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California Map Prints, Elevation & Shaded Relief Maps

From its sandy beaches to its redwood forests and everything in between, there’s a lot to love about California and our custom printed California wall maps offer new and exciting ways to view the Golden State from any angle. From our stunning elevation maps and geological relief maps to our meticulously restored historical maps, every product we offer reflects the high quality and attention to detail our customers have come to love and expect from Muir Way.

What makes Muir Way maps of California unique?

When you purchase a map of California from Muir Way, you are not purchasing a rolled up poster or generic print. We custom print every California map using archival inks and fine art paper certified to last 100 years. And the artwork of our maps themselves is designed to bring new light to the beautiful terrain they feature. For example, our elevation maps incorporate hand-shaded relief and Digital Elevation Data with historical map terrain for a unique 3D effect on a flat surface, and our hydrological maps depict every river in the state--even intermittent streams--and every body of water over 0.2 miles in diameter in crisp detail. We create beautiful, heirloom-quality maps meant to last for generations.

Can I get my California map framed?

Yes! Many of our California wall maps are available on both fine art paper and beautiful gallery-wrapped canvas, and all are available professionally custom-framed with real wood. If you’d like to purchase a framed California map, you can choose from several different colors and wood finishes to perfectly match your decor. If you’d prefer to use your own frame, all of our maps are available unframed and come in standard sizes for easy gift giving.

Is a Muir Way map of California a good gift idea?

Absolutely! Our custom-printed maps are popular gift choices for everything from wedding gifts and anniversaries to retirement parties, thank-you gifts, even corporate gifts. Our thousands of happy customer reviews are a testament to the quality we stand by when you purchase one of our maps as a gift. A California wall map from Muir Way makes an ideal gift for outdoor enthusiasts, but can also be a perfect graduation gift for a student about to leave home for the first time, or a reminder of home for a native Californian who’s moved away.

How should I display my California map?

Our maps are designed to offer something new whether viewing up close or from across the room. Hang a framed California map as a central focus, or purchase several state park or mountain maps and arrange them near each other for a complementary series. Our hydrological maps come in several colors or the quintessential black and white, and our geological relief maps feature brilliant colors. No matter which you choose, you’re sure to find a California illustration that will look right at home.

What are the different types of maps of California available on Muir Way?

With over 60 maps of California to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Our California maps are available in several different styles, including:

California relief maps - Our relief maps of California marry historical map landscapes with modern technology to display California’s beautiful topography in an exciting new way. Using Digital Elevation Data and hand-shaded relief, we custom enhance vintage map imagery to bring a vibrant visual “pop” that looks three dimensional on a flat surface. Choose from our 1977 California relief map or our 1944 California relief map, showcasing California’s varied elevation in a beautifully colored display. Relief maps of cities such as San Francisco and national parks are also available.

California elevation maps - Our state of California elevation map also uses Digital Elevation Data from the USGS to create a high-contrast 3-dimensional effect in stunning black and white, providing crisp detail and a refreshing view of California’s topography.

California hydrological maps - Our hydrological maps showcase every single river and intermittent stream, as well as all bodies of water greater than 0.2 mi in diameter. Available in black, green, or blue, our California hydrology map. For an extra aesthetic touch, we apply a method called the Strahler Stream Order to show the hierarchy of streams as they flow from their source, with rivers shown thicker as they acquire the flow of tributaries.

Topo Series California Mountain Maps - California maps from our topo series show elevation changes at popular mountain resorts, and offer a unique gift for skiers and snowboarders.

Vintage California maps - If you like vintage maps, you’ll love our selection of restored vintage maps of California and its parks, cities, and mountains. Unlike our relief map series, our historical maps don’t feature shaded elevation, but what they do feature is a record of history beautifully printed and ready to display. Our vintage maps are reproduction prints, carefully enhanced and restored to maintain their charm without the wear & tear, and come custom printed using archival materials to preserve a snapshot of history for years to come.

What are some prominent features on the map of California?

Our elevation and relief maps of California showcase California’s natural landscape, from peaks of its highest mountains to the trenches of Death Valley. Follow its sprawling Pacific coastline and view prominent geographical features like the Sierra Nevada and Napa Valley.

Follow every twist and turn of the Sacramento and San Joaquin River Systems as they flow toward the Pacific Ocean on our California hydrological maps.

On our California vintage city maps you can trace the streets of popular cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco as they appeared decades ago.

Or explore the beautiful preserved lands of Yosemite National Park and other parks and mountains on our detailed relief maps.

No matter which California state map you choose, you’ll enjoy an up-close look at a state known for its beautiful landscapes, gorgeous coastline, and bustling metropolises.

What are the regions in California?

California has eleven recognized geomorphic provinces or regions recognized by earth scientists:

  • Great Valley - Located in central California, this alluvial plain creates a line running down the middle of the state, encompassing the Sacramento Valley in the north and the San Joaquin Valley in the south.
  • Sierra Nevada - Nearly 400 miles long, the Sierra Nevada range is a fault block culminating at Mount Whitney at its highest, with deep river canyons carved in its western slope, and has gold-bearing veins running through it.
  • Cascade Range - This Californian mountain range is a chain of volcanic cones extending into Washington and Oregon. This region also contains the Pit River that flows to the Sacramento River.
  • Modoc Plateau - This flat-topped volcanic table land features sporadic lakes, marshes and streams and is sandwiched between the Cascade Range and the Basin and Range.
  • Klamath Mountains - With rugged peaks reaching up to 8,000 feet above sea level, the Klamath Mountain range contains gold-bearing gravels and is considered a northern extension of the Sierra Nevada.
  • Transverse Ranges - This southwestern region of California is an east-west trending mountain series and extends offshore to the islands of San Miguel, Santa Rosa, and Santa Cruz. It is one of the most important oil-producing areas in the country.
  • Coast Ranges - Named because it extends along nearly the entirety of the California coastline, this geographic region varies in its mountainous terrain. The northern and southern ranges are separated by the San Francisco Bay.
  • Peninsular Ranges - This southeasternmost region bordered by the Colorado Desert is similar in topography to the Coast Ranges but geology is more similar to the Sierra Nevada region.
  • Basin and Range - This geographic region of California contains many lakes and is home to Death Valley, the lowest elevation in the United States.
  • Mojave Desert - containing isolated mountains separated by arid desert plains, the Mojave Desert has interior closed drainage and is situated between the Garlock Fault and the San Andreas Fault.
  • Colorado Desert - This low-lying desert basin sits 245 feet below sea level and its barren land sits between areas of the San Andreas Fault. It features ancient beach lines and silt deposits from a now extinct body of water - Lake Cahuilla.

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