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I've spent my life exploring the outdoors and our country's National Park system.  I've always been excited to open the map I'd get at the entrance of a new national park I didn't know so well.  Those maps were more than just directions around the national park, they'd help awaken me to the beauty and adventure that was about to come. Like so many, I saved those national park maps as mementos of my trips.  Unfortunately, they'd usually end up in a box, or somewhere else where I'd forget about them. Finally, after a recent trip to Yosemite National Park I decided to design a map that wouldn't get lost. Using soft color palettes and clean design I created versions of National Park maps meant for walls, not just as art, but as reminders of the places we love most.  Since opening Muir Way in 2013 we have added hundreds of new map designs of National Parks, mountain ranges, hydrology, historic maps, and more.

We print and frame all of our maps in our shop in San Diego, CA.  We try to only use materials made in the USA which include the paper, canvas, and wood used to make our prints.   Our packaging materials are either recycled, or at least recyclable.  We may not be perfect, but we try our best and are always looking for new ways to lessen our impact on the environment.

We are proud to support the Sierra Club Foundation.  The Sierra Club, founded by John Muir in 1892, has been fighting to protect our air, land, and water since its inception.  Their activism has led to the creation of many National Parks and Monuments, legal protections for our wildlife and natural areas, and tons of other amazing efforts to help our environment.  We pledge to donate a portion of all sales from to the Sierra Club Foundation to help with their cause.

Thank you,

Jared, Founder of Muir Way