What is the difference between your maps?

Our National Park Series Maps are original designs based off of the maps given out by our National Parks at their Park Ranger Stations.  We recreated the maps with clean design and a variety of color palettes.

Our TOPO Series Maps are based off of topographic quadrants made by the USGS to map ski and snowboard mountains as well as their surrounding backcountry.  They consist solely of contour lines to illustrate the shapes and slopes of the mountains with a dot to signify the base of the resort.  

Our Range Series Maps are the most complete and detailed maps ever made using contour lines to represent the topography of entire mountain ranges.  The Range Series combines the data of hundreds of smaller USGS quadrant maps to form a detailed construction of mountain ranges from their southern to northern most borders.  Due to the nature of the maps as art pieces, we simplified them by only including natural features shown through contour lines, rivers and lakes, and the most iconic trails within their borders.  There are no roads, cities or towns, or other man-made elements on the maps.

Our Hydrology Series shows the inherent beauty of North America's system of waterways, delivering life throughout our land.  They map every river and stream (both perennial and intermittent), along with all lakes with a diameter greater than 6 miles.

Our Historic Maps are reproduction prints of original topographic maps from the mid-1900's.  We used high resolution scans of the old maps and carefully remastered them for a cleaner look.  Each map was digitally enhanced, removing old stains, stamps, handwriting, and discolorations, as well as being recolored to bring them back to their glory days.  Although enhanced, they still show signs of aging and some original flaws.

What is the difference between the Paper Print and the Canvas Gallery Wrap?

Both are printed using our top of the line Canon ipf8400 printer with their 12 color inkset.  The inks are archival and produce vibrant rich colors which will last a lifetime.

  • Paper Print- Shipped in 1-3 business days.We use 100% cotton, acid-free heavyweight (310g) Archival art paper with a textured matte finish.  These prints come rolled in a Kraft shipping tube and are meant to be framed.  Be careful not to touch the surface, the inks can be sensitive to the oils on your hands.  When you receive the print, it will be rolled in a shipping tube.  Unroll it, put the glassine paper it came with over the print and place some books over it for 24 hours to flatten the print out before you to frame it.
    • The National Park and TOPO Series are 13x19 inches in size and come printed on a 17x22 inch piece of paper.  You can either fit them into a 17x22 inch frame or cut them down and fit them into a standard 13x19 inch frame. You can even add a 2.5 inch mat and put them into an 18x24 inch frame.
      • The other series of maps are cut to the actual size of the paper ordered which are available in a variety of sizes.  They have a quarter inch of white border around them for easier framing.                                        
      • Paper Print with Black Frame- Allow 2 weeks to receive.Our black frames are made in the USA of solid wood finger-jointed pine.  They are matte black with a 1.25" face and 1" deep with clear Acrylite (glass substitute) to protect the print and an acid-free black backing board behind the print. 
      • Paper Print with Reclaimed Wooden Frames-Medium Size-Allow 2 weeks to receive. We have amazing wooden frames made especially for us by Urban Ashes.  They've sourced wood from abandoned structures previously slated for landfills and re-purposed them as frames.  Our current stock of frames are made from wood beams salvaged from the Clinton Woolen Mill founded in 1866 in Clinton, Michigan. They have a 1-3/4" smooth surface face with a natural oil stain and 3/4" rough cut sides.  Each frame is unique, some with old nail holes, others with slight stains, but all are bold, rustic, and beautiful.  They come available in 13"x19", 16"x20", and 16"x24" with clear Acrylite (glass substitute) to protect the print and an acid-free black backing board behind the print.  The outer dimensions of the frames are 16"x22"x.75" for a 13"x19" print, 20"x24"x.75" for a 16"x20" print, and 20"x28"x.75 for a 16"x24" print. These reclaimed wooden frames are available with or without our maps in case you would like them for another print.
      • Thin Wood Frames-Large Size-Allow 2 weeks to receive. These frames are made by hand in Couer d'Alene, ID from reclaimed wood. They have 7/8 inch face and 1 inch depth for a more clean and modern look. The frames are made from Alder wood or Walnut with tongue and groove corners. They only fit 24x30 inch paper prints and have an exterior dimension of 25.5 x 31.5.
        • Canvas Gallery Wraps- Allow 2 weeks to receive. Made locally, they are printed on a thick (400g) Archival canvas, varnished for protection, and stretched around a 1.5 inch thick wooden frame.  They have hanging hardware attached so they come ready for your wall.

          Where are your prints made?

          In our shop in San Diego, CA by our small team.  Most of the materials we use are made in the USA.

          What about your awesome shirts?

          All of our shirts are made in the USA and are American Apparel brand.  Although the designs are all ours, we get them printed in LA and shipped from our supplier.  You will typically get your shirt separate from the rest of your order if you order prints along with it.  They usually take about 3-5 days before shipping plus the shipping time of 1-3 days.

          What is your return policy?

          We stand by everything we print.  If you are unhappy with the print send it back in new condition to us within 30 days for a full refund excluding shipping.  Email info@muir-way.com for more information.

          T-shirts may be exchanged, not refunded, for another size.

          Can you design a map not already on the site?

          Yes, we've done designs for many of the most popular outdoor areas in America but obviously not all of them.  We will be adding more as time goes on and would love to hear what you are looking for.  If we get enough requests for a park we will bump it up the list.  Please be patient though, they take time to design.  Please email us your requests at info@muir-way.com. 

          If you would like a custom map made that we don't have in our pipeline, or just want it quicker, we are happy to do it.  There will be a design charge of $200 plus the cost of the print you want.  They take about two weeks to design plus printing time.  Email us with your request and we'll answer any questions you may have.

          Can you do custom colors for a map?

          Yes, but there will be a $50 charge and you must know the RGB color profiles for each variant.  Email us at info@muir-way.com what you would like and we will confirm the details with you.

          Can you do custom sizes?

          Yes, let us know what you'd like and we will get a price for you.  We can make prints up to 40x60 inches in size. 

          Do you wholesale?

          Yes, please contact us at info@muir-way.com for wholesale opportunities.

          Will you share my information?

          We use your information to complete your order and that's it, unless you opt for email updates (very sporadic and only worthwhile stuff).  We don't share it with any marketers.  Our site is secured with a SSL certificate.  Credit cards are processed through PayPal and we do not keep them on file.  For a more complete explanation go to our Privacy Policy page.