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Colorado Map Art, Shaded Relief & Hydrological Maps

Whether you’ve spent time skiing or snowboarding at mountain resorts in the Rockies or Colorado just holds a special place in your heart, our custom printed Colorado wall maps bring the beauty of Colorado’s vibrant and diverse landscapes to any home or office. From our stunning elevation maps and geological relief maps to our meticulously restored historical maps, our selection of nearly 50 Colorado maps reflects the high quality and attention to detail our customers have come to love and expect from Muir Way.

What makes Muir Way maps of Colorado unique?

When you purchase an Colorado wall map from Muir Way, you’re purchasing an heirloom-quality piece of artwork. In addition to custom printing every map using archival inks and fine art paper certified to last 100 years, the artwork of our maps is designed to breathe new life into the beautiful terrain they feature. Our elevation maps incorporate hand-shaded relief and Digital Elevation Data with historical map imagery to create the illusion of a 3D image on a flat surface. Our hydrological maps showcase every river, stream and body of water over 0.2 miles in diameter in crisp detail. With nearly 50 different Colorado maps to choose from, our meticulous craftsmanship and design is reflected in every map we sell.

Can I get my Colorado map framed?

Yes! Our Colorado maps are printed on fine art paper and some are also available on beautiful gallery-wrapped canvas, and all are available professionally custom-framed with real wood. If you’d like to purchase a framed Colorado map, you can choose from several different colors and wood finishes. If you’d prefer to use your own frame, all of our maps come in standard sizes for easy gift giving.

Is a Muir Way map of Colorado a good gift idea?

Muir Way maps make excellent gifts! Our custom-printed maps are a perfect choice for anniversaries, Christmas gifts, or as a thank-you gift for someone special. Our thousands of positive reviews are a testament to the quality we stand by when you purchase one of our maps as a gift. A Colorado wall map from Muir Way makes an ideal gift for skiers, snowboarders and hikers, but can also be a perfect graduation gift for a student about to leave home for the first time, or a reminder of home for someone whose home state is Colorado. Our maps also make thoughtful corporate gifts to remind your clients or colleagues of you every time they look at their wall.

How should I display my Colorado map?

Hang a framed wall map as a central focus, or purchase several and arrange them near each other for a complementary series. Designed to be appreciated both up close and from across the room, our collection of Colorado maps offer many different options to match your décor. Our hydrological maps come in several colors or the quintessential black and white, and our geological relief maps feature brilliant colors. Don’t be afraid to bring black and white to a colorful room and vice versa. No matter which you choose, you’re sure to find a Colorado illustration that will suit your style.

What are the different types of maps of Colorado available on Muir Way?

Our Colorado maps are available in several different styles, including:

Colorado relief maps - Our relief maps of Colorado combine historical map imagery with modern technology to showcase Colorado’s beautiful topography in an exciting new way. Using Digital Elevation Data and hand-shaded relief, we custom enhance vintage maps to create a surreal 3D effect that remains two-dimensional. Choose from our 1913 Colorado relief map or our 1935 geologic relief map of Colorado where you can view variegated terrain in vibrant colors. We also offer relief maps of Colorado national parks, mountain resorts like Vail, mountain ranges, and more.

Colorado elevation maps - Our stunning black and white Colorado elevation map also uses Digital Elevation Data from the USGS to create a high-contrast 3-dimensional effect, providing crisp detail and a refreshing view of Colorado’s native landscape.

Colorado hydrological maps - Every state’s interconnected waterways tell a different story. Available in multiple colors, our hydrology maps showcase the networks of Colorado’s river systems and lakes in minute detail. On our full Colorado state hydrological map, you can to view every single river and intermittent stream, as well as all bodies of water greater than 0.2 mi in diameter. For an extra aesthetic touch, we apply a method called the Strahler Stream Order to show the hierarchy of streams as they flow from their source, with rivers shown thicker as they acquire the flow of tributaries. We also offer regional hydrological maps featuring certain rivers and their surrounding land areas.

Colorado vintage maps - Unlike our relief map series, our historical maps don’t feature elevation, but what they do feature is a record of history beautifully restored and ready to display. Our vintage maps are reproduction prints, carefully enhanced to maintain their vintage charm without the wear & tear. View our vintage map of Colorado from 1883, 1879, and our 1876 Colorado territory map.

Colorado national park maps - When you think of Colorado, you think of the Rockies. Our Rocky Mountain National Park relief map (and another from 1914) and Mesa Verde National Park map show the topography of these majestic parks in fine detail.

Colorado topographical mountain resort maps - From Winter Park to Vail, Steamboat, and Telluride, our Topo Series mountain resort maps are the perfect gift for the winter sports enthusiast.

What are some prominent features on the map of Colorado?

Our elevation and relief maps of Colorado show Colorado’s striking topography in vibrant detail. From the peaks of the Rockies to canyons, hot springs, lakes, plains, forests, and more, our Colorado state maps showcase the beauty of a state that is sought after by nature lovers, athletes, and film festival-goers.

Some of the prominent features on our maps of Colorado are Colorado’s beautiful National Parks, particularly Rocky Mountain National Park. We offer several different versions of Rocky Mountain National Park maps, including a vintage traditional map, a more modern national park map, and two different relief maps here and here.

If you want a closer look at Colorado’s cities and counties, take a look at our 1966 USGS Boulder, CO map or 1953 USGS Denver, CO map for a glimpse at urban landscapes of yesteryear.

No matter which Colorado state map you choose, you’ll enjoy an up-close look at the geography of a state known for its art and culture, gorgeous vistas, exciting winter sports, and excellent quality of life.

What are the regions in Colorado?

Some of Colorado’s geographic regions include:

  • The Colorado Eastern/High Plains - This stretch of the Great Plains running through Colorado is sparsely settled and its dry climate encourages dry farming and crops like winter wheat.
  • The Southern Rocky Mountains - These steep, rugged peaks cascade across central Colorado, peppered with coniferous forests beneath the alpine tundra. This region contributes to Colorado’s nickname of ‘the roof of the world’.
  • The Colorado Plateau - This area encompassing much of western Colorado is marked by tablelands divided by narrow stream valleys. Weather here reaches extremes on both ends of the temperature spectrum.
  • The Wyoming Basin - Leading into northern Colorado from Wyoming, this region boasts intermountain basins punctuated by smaller mountains and hills, enveloped in sagebrush and areas of shortgrass prairie.
  • The Middle Rocky Mountains - This region of Colorado encompasses a narrow strip along the Idaho-Wyoming border with mountain peaks reaching as high as 10,000 feet.

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