hikers hiking Haleakala Trail in Hawaii

Haleakala Trail on the island of Maui is in danger of becoming the property of Haleakala Ranch Company, a large private corporation.  They want to exchange the historic trail for an unknown trail in east Maui.  The early Hawaiians created the Haleakala Trail which leads from Olinda, above Makawao, up to the volcano and around to Kaupo on the southern portion of the island.  We can help protect it by signing this PETITION telling the Hawaii Board of Land and Resources to not let the beautiful and culturally significant Haleakala trail become the property of a private corporation.  Having lived in Hawaii, specifically, on Maui for eight years and with family and friends who still live there, this is an important issue to me.  Please help by taking the time to sign the petition.

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Muir Way

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Jared Prince
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