Vintage Relief Series

1932 USA Shaded Relief Map

Vintage Relief Series

1932 USA Shaded Relief Map

how we make old maps look 3D

For our Vintage Relief Series, we've taken historical maps to the next level by adding shaded relief, giving them an incredible 3D appearance. The effect is stunning, breathing new life into these beloved classics. Creating the 3D illusion on these older maps is a meticulous process that involves many steps. Here is a simplified version of what we do.

Step 1 - Composite the map

For a map like this 1932 USA Geological, we had to composite the four separate original four separate sections.

Step 2 - Digitally remaster the maps

We correct for obvious degradation that occurred has over the years such as creases, writing, stains, etc.

Step 3 - Georeference the map

We match hundreds of points on the map to modern elevation data that we gather from the USGS. Due to the age of the vintage maps, they don't match modern data so we have to manipulate them so they accurately align.

Step 4 - Create a 3D model and lightsource

Within 3D software we create the elevation model that will be applied to the map that aligns with the georeferenced points on the map. We also generate a digital light source to cast shadows on the terrain and create the 3D illusion.

Step 5 - Combine the digital 3D model with the map

Finally, we are ready to integrate the elevation data with the vintage map to create the shaded relief within the map. We adjust the light source, the exaggeration of the elevation, correct for any errors in the alignment, brightness, contrast, etc.

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USA Geological 1932 Shaded Relief Map

Experience the beauty and complexity of the United States geological landscape with our exquisite 1932 USA Geological Map. This vintage map has been expertly updated using modern elevation data to create a captivating 3D illusion that will transport you to the heart of the country's natural wonders.

$ 89.00 USD

California 1944 Shaded Relief Map

Experience the beauty and complexity of California's geological landscape like never before with our stunning 3D illusion map. Crafted from the original 1977 California Geological map, this unique map is designed and printed at the highest level to showcase every detail of the state's varied terrain.

$ 99.00 USD

Texas 1916 Shaded Relief Map

A beautifully detailed 1916 Texas Geological Map that we enhanced with a unique 3D illusion that will catch your eye. Using advanced Digital Elevation Data technology, we've created a stunning landscape that comes to life with meticulous shading. The shading is printed on the paper, creating a subtle illusion of depth without any protruding surfaces.

$ 89.00 USD

Colorado 1913 Shaded Relief Map

$ 79.00 USD

North America 1965 Shaded Relief Map

$ 99.00 USD

Ireland 1878 Shaded Relief Map

$ 64.00 USD

Washington 1883 Shaded Relief Map

$ 79.00 USD

Virginia 1957 Shaded Relief Map

$ 79.00 USD

Oregon 1991 Shaded Relief Map

$ 79.00 USD

Idaho 1909 Shaded Relief Map

$ 79.00 USD

Utah 1937 Shaded Relief Map

$ 64.00 USD

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