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Whether you’re from Hawaii or like to vacation there, our custom printed Hawaii wall maps bring the spirit of island paradise to any home or office. From our stunning geological relief maps to our meticulously restored historical maps, every map we sell reflects the high quality and attention to detail our customers have come to love and expect from Muir Way.

What makes Muir Way maps of Hawaii unique?

When you purchase a map of Hawaii from Muir Way, you get far more than a rolled up glossy poster. In addition to custom printing every Hawaiian map using archival inks and fine art paper certified to last 100 years, the artwork of our maps themselves is designed to highlight Hawaii’s beautiful terrain with hand-crafted details you won’t find anywhere else. Our relief maps use hand shading and Digital Elevation Data for a stunning 3D effect (printed flat!), and our hydrological maps depict every river and body of water over 0.2 miles in diameter.

Can I get my Hawaii map framed?

Yes! Many of our Hawaii state maps are available on both fine art paper and beautiful gallery-wrapped canvas, and if you’d like to purchase your Hawaii artwork framed, you can choose from several different colors and wood finishes to suit your style. If you’d prefer to use your own frame, all of our maps come in standard sizes for easy framing and gift giving.

Is a Muir Way map of Hawaii a good gift idea? 

A Hawaii map from Muir Way makes a great gift, and is a popular choice for snowbirds, surfers, for special holidays, anniversaries, or as a thank-you gift. Perhaps you know someone preparing to retire in Honolulu, or someone heading off to college at the University of Hawaii? A Hawaiian wall map from Muir Way makes an ideal gift for outdoor enthusiasts, but can also be a perfect graduation gift, or a reminder of home for someone whose home (or second home) is Hawaii but who lives somewhere else. 

How should I display my Hawaii map?

Our maps are designed to be a beautiful statement piece whether viewing up close or from across the room. Hang a framed wall map as a central focus, or purchase several and arrange them near each other for a complimentary series. Our hydrological maps come in several colors or the quintessential black and white, and our geological relief maps feature brilliant colors. Don’t be afraid to bring black and white to a colorful room and vice versa. No matter which you choose, you’re sure to find a Hawaiian illustration that will look right at home.

What are the different types of maps of Hawaii available on Muir Way?

Our Hawaii maps are available in several different styles, including:

Hawaii relief maps - Our relief maps of Hawaii combine historical map imagery with modern technology to showcase Hawaii’s beautiful landscape in an exciting new way. Using Digital Elevation Data and hand-shaded relief, we custom enhance our maps to create a 3D effect that really “pops”, printed flat on 100% cotton fine art paper. Our Maui 1961 Relief Map, Oahu 1938 Relief Map, or Big Island 1975 Relief Map are just some of several Hawaii relief maps in our collection. 

Hawaii elevation map - Our state of Hawaii elevation map also uses Digital Elevation Data from the USGS, but this time in stunning black and white. Featuring the whole archipelago, this Hawaii wall map showcases the beautiful state of Hawaii in a new way.

Hawaii hydrological map - All of our state hydrological maps are designed to look beautiful from across a room and to deliver meticulous detail up close, and are available in multiple colors. On our state of Hawaii hydrological map, you’ll be able to view every single river and intermittent stream, as well as all bodies of water greater than 0.2 mi in diameter. Trace the origins and outflow of your favorite waterways and appreciate the beauty of their interconnectedness. 

Vintage maps of Hawaii - If you like vintage maps, you’ll love our vintage maps of Hawaii Island, Kauai Island, Lanai Island, Maui Island, a vintage map of the state of Hawaii, and more. Unlike our relief map series, our historical maps don’t feature elevation, but what they do feature is a record of history beautifully printed and ready to display. Our vintage maps are enhanced reproduction prints, carefully restored to maintain their vintage charm without the wear & tear, and come custom printed using archival materials to preserve a snapshot of history for years to come.

Hawaii national park maps - For the outdoor enthusiast, nature conservator, and historian, our Hawaiian national park map selection includes our Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park map and Haleakala National Park map.

What are some prominent features on the map of Hawaii?

Our elevation and relief maps of Hawaii show Hawaii’s beautiful topography in full detail. A volcanic island archipelago, Hawaii has no shortage of mountainous terrain to appreciate and explore, from snow-capped Mauna Kea, the highest peak of its active volcanic region on the island of Hawai’i, to the sands of its many beaches. 

In addition to mountains and beaches, Hawaii’s topography includes lava deserts, fern and bamboo forests, and jutting ocean cliffs. 

On our ‘Big Island’ 1975 Hawaii Relief Map, see the island’s volcanic structure in stunning detail. Hawaii’s biggest and youngest island, the island of Hawai’i is formed by several volcanoes and our relief map showcases its variegated terrain with custom relief shading from USGS digital elevation data.

No matter which Hawaii state map you choose, you’ll enjoy an up-close look at a state known for its welcoming hospitality, Polynesian culture, and incredible landscapes.

What are the Islands of Hawaii?

Hawaii has eight major islands and several smaller islands, atolls, and reefs. Hawaii’s eight major islands are:

  • Hawai’i - The Big Island - Aptly nicknamed, Hawai’i is Hawaii’s biggest island and is home to five volcanoes, including Mauna Loa and Kailuea, two of the world’s most active volcanoes. 
  • Maui - The Valley Isle- Formed by two volcanoes with a valley in between, Maui contains the world’s largest dormant volcanic crater.
  • O’ahu - The Gathering Place - Home to Hawaii’s capital, Honolulu, Oahu houses 75% of Hawaii’s population. With two mountain ranges and a fertile valley, Oahu hosts sugarcane and pineapple plantations and is also home to Pearl Harbor, one of the largest natural harbors in the Pacific.
  • Kaua’i - The Garden Isle- Similarly to Oahu, Kauai hosts pineapple and sugarcane crops and is one of the rainiest places on the planet.
  • Moloka’i - The Friendly Isle - A mountainous island nestled between Oahu and Maui, Molokai houses cattle ranches and pineapple crops along its mountainous terrain.
  • Lana’i - The Pineapple Isle - Lanai earns its nickname from its economy centered around tourism and pineapple crop production, and also features several plantation homes originally built by the Dole Pineapple Company.
  • Ni’ihau - The Forbidden Isle - This Hawaiian island is privately owned and once served as a prison and military target range. 
  • Kaho’olawe - The Target Isle - The only of the eight Hawaiian islands that’s uninhabited, Kahoolawe is Hawaii’s smallest island and its lowland terrain is mostly infertile.

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